St John’s Lutheran School, which is owned and operated by St John’s Lutheran Congregation, offers its program in Christian Education to all applicants regardless of ethnic origin, religion or disability, provided that:

1.   Through enrolment procedures, parents seeking enrolment for their child/children undertake to support willingly and freely the stated purpose of St John’s Lutheran School

2.   Adequate space and resources are available.

Enrolment priorities will be determined from time to time by St John’s Lutheran Congregation.  The current enrolment priorities are:

1.   Children who are members of St John’s Lutheran Congregation, Eudunda

2.   Siblings and children of former students

3.   Children who are members of any other Lutheran Congregation

4.   Children who are members of Christian Churches, other than Lutheran

5.   Children who have no association with a Christian Church

6.   The order in which applications are received in each priority area.

Children who turn five up to and including the first week of the intended term of commencement will be accepted into the Reception class in 2013.

Children commencing Reception in Terms 1 and 2 will, under normal circumstances, automatically proceed to Year 1 at the commencement of the next school year.

Children commencing Reception in Terms 3 and 4 will, under normal circumstances, complete a further four terms of Reception in the following year.

In exceptional circumstances the length of time a child may spend in Reception may be extended or reduced but any decision to vary the policy will require agreement between the School and the parents/caregivers concerned.

As of 2014 there will be one intake at St John’s.  In 2013 students who start school in Term 3 and 4 will continue their Reception years into 2014 along with the one intake students beginning in Term 1 2014. In 2015 there will be a straight transition of one intake from preschool to school at the beginning of that year.

You can access further information about ‘Same First Day’ on www.earlyyears.sa.edu.au/ .  On this site is a calendar/calculator under the heading of ‘Same First Day’ where you can enter your child’s details to work out when they can begin preschool and school.

Please read through this information and if you are unsure of anything, please contact us or your local preschool centre.

Enrolments should be completed in the year prior to the intake to allow adequate preparation time for parents and the school.

An enrolment form needs to be completed.

All parents are required to have an interview with the Principal before the admission of their first child.

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