Online Learning Platform



In response to COVID19

If the school is required to be shut down because of the world-wide CoVid19 pandemic, St John’s is able to provide an online learning program for all students.

If you are an essential worker, and therefore unable to support your child’s learning at home, or if your child is considered ‘at risk’ then the school will arrange for your child to do their ‘on-line’ lessons at school. They will need to be dropped off at school at 09:00 am and picked up at 3.10 pm as usual. They will then be supervised by our LSO’s to complete their work online, like the other students. If you require this service, please let your child’s teacher or Sonya Mosey in the front office know.

It is important that your child keeps up with the work your teacher will provide. When school resumes, and it will, we want every child to be performing at their expected level.

To be marked as attending, students must complete a set amount of work each day. Teachers will check that your child has finished:

  • 1 x Mathematics task which is either linked to the current topic/unit of work
  • 2 x Literacy tasks – one focusing the receptive modes (listening/reading/viewing) and the other on the productive modes (speaking/writing/creating)
  • 1 x Unit of inquiry (HASS, Health, Science)
  •  1 x Christian Studies/Worship/Devotion

Remember that in class this may take quite a while to do, but at home, your child may work far more quickly. If you finish these tasks by lunchtime, that will be OK for teachers to mark as attending a full day.
If your child is sick, please let their teacher know and they will be marked as Absent because of illness. Other absences are recorded as unexplained absences.
Because of the unique situation we are in, the school has made available iPads or Laptops for our students to use. We have also created the document below to provide you with a starting point for how to provide online learning for your children.

Finally, Teachers will also be available to video chat and mark your child’s work. They will make regular contact with you and your child. However, we ask that you do not contact them outside normal working hours – teachers are also chatting with other students and parents, marking work and preparing for the next day. Teachers are happy to; and will be there to give advice and assist as much as possible but also have their own family situation to care for too. We ask that if you need to contact your child’s teacher, do so between 08:00 am and 7:00 pm.

At St John’s, we have chosen three preferred platforms for providing students with access to curriculum resources and learning plans.


As we are already familiar with this platform as a school community, this will be a great starting point. I have switched on the ‘Home Learning Feature’ that Seesaw has created specifically for providing distance education.
There is a ‘Home Learning for Seesaw’ training that can be accessed via the following link:


It suggests the training will take 45 minutes, however as we are already familiar with the functions of Seesaw, you can move through at your choice of pace. It contains information about how to access some of the newly added features specific to home learning.

Your students will have access to the home learning section of Seesaw through the use of a home learning code. Similar to the sign in code, these can be accessed in the settings (spanner icon) under ‘students’. You can either print and distribute or email the QR codes or provide students with their unique code. Be mindful that the unique codes are only valid for 1 hour and then they reset.


What is Zoom? Go to this website for all things zoom:

download and sign up:


Tutorial on zoom here:


In addition, the students in Years 4-6 have been set up with Teams.

If this is not on your computer, log in Microsoft office portal ( https://www.office.com/?auth=2 ) and using your child’s school email address download the Microsoft suite, which includes Microsoft teams and can be downloaded for free.

  • Type “portaloffice365” in URL
  • Sign in
  • Username: your school email address
  • Password: supplied by classroom teacher