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Always Connected

Our school is connected to each other, our community, our world and the Church through an inquiry learning approach.

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Always Inquiring

St John’s Lutheran School is an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) World School* offering the Primary Years Programme. IB schools share a common philosophy and commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that St John’s Lutheran School believes is important for our students.

The IB Mission Statement reads: “The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end, the organisation works with schools, governments and international organisations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

*Only Schools authorised by the IB organisation can offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Our Purpose

We are building foundations for life by nurturing and inspiring each child to thrive, supported by Christian values.


Our Vision

We are widely known as a warm, caring community in which students thrive academically and socially.

Learning at St John’s is inspired through innovative, contemporary approaches to teaching.  We all challenge ourselves and support each other to learn and grow, to achieve our best. We make a positive contribution to our communities and appreciate the generosity of others.

Our learning environment stimulates interest and enables us to engage with our surroundings and technologies; and learn in new and creative ways.


Our Mission

We continually search for new ideas and innovative ways to engage and inspire students to learn.  We use data to measure achievement and growth and work as a team by sharing information, knowledge and ideas to provide the best outcomes for each student.

We partner with parents to support learning at home by sharing information and resources and welcoming participation in class. We strive to engage in activities that develop real-world skills in practical settings, building relationships and making a positive contribution to the regional community.

We continually adapt the learning environment to generate interest and enable contemporary, flexible approaches to learning.


Our Motto

Our School Motto is “Learning to Serve”. This motto recognises that learning is ongoing and that we – staff, students and parents continue to learn.  Most importantly, we continue “Learning to Serve” Jesus and the wider community.


Our Values

Christianity     We reach out and care for others, knowing we are all unique and loved by God

Integrity      We respect and treat others fairly.  We always strive to achieve our best, acting honestly and accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Creativity    We celebrate our differences and others’ ideas and skills. We encourage individuality, confidence and resilience.

Teamwork  We listen to others with an open mind, share and help each other to explore and learn.

Wonder       We are curious and encourage each other to explore.

Enthusiasm We approach life and learning enthusiastically and with gratitude.

Our Parents


As a small school we are blessed with the high level of parental involvement across all aspects of our school community including and active School Council, Buildings and Facilities sub-committee, Promotions sub-committee, Uniform sub-committee, Care and Crisis sub-committee and Parents and Friends sub-committee.



Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities

There are no upcoming events at this time

Facilities and Spaces

Although we are considered a small school we have excellent facilities including smart televisions in every classroom, a 1-1 device policy where each student is given access to either an iPad (Foundation to Grade 3) or a laptop (Grades 4-7), We also utilise Apple TV's in our Junior Primary classrooms and each classroom has a sound field system installed for optimal learning to occur.

Our school grounds are well maintained including two ovals, double courts, shaded playground and sandpit play areas. Also installed in our school is a sensory room for students with identified sensory needs. Our hall is a multipurpose area for students to access, which can include learning opportunities through cooking in the full kitchen area as well as taking part in yearly concerts and end of year performances on the stage area.

As a small school we are blessed with the high level of parental involvement across all aspects of our school community including and active School Council,  Promotions sub-committee, Uniform sub-committee and our Parents and Friends sub-committee.

Flexible Learning Spaces

As a progressive educational learning site, we value student's voice and engage with them in the development of their learning spaces. Students are always a strong voice in the decision making of how learning takes place both inside and outside the classrooms.

Nature Play Area

Students being a responsible, creative and critical learner is always at the forefront of our school community focus. Students have worked closely with staff to open up all areas of our outside learning spaces including our scrub area, vegetable garden, trees and garden areas resulting in only two rules being upheld

  • be safe
  • be respectful

Students have access to these outdoor areas and can freely play in this space.

Pedal Prix School

Although a small school, community support has always been strong resulting in us recently celebrating 25 years involvement in Pedal Prix.

The Australian HPV Super Series is an annual championship held in South Australia and Western Australia featuring velomobiles racing around enclosed circuits for a period between 6 and 24 hours. The largest event of its kind anywhere in the world, it attracts teams from all around Australia, and even overseas. As of 2018, the championship consists of six races taking place at Mount Gambier, Loxton, Adelaide twice, Busselton, and Murray Bridge

Learning Support

St John's has a comprehensive Special Education Program with early intervention to assist children with learning difficulties a priority. In addition, St John’s offers Oral Language Intervention to students targeted to be ‘at risk’ of achieving their full Literacy potential.

Other interventions and support programmes include Multilit and Hickey Multi-Sensory training. Students with high intellectual potential are given the opportunity to extend their level of thinking through the development of tasks and activities which challenge them both within and outside of the classroom teaching programme. St John’s is also an accredited Dyslexia Aware School, one of only 4 accredited schools in South Australia. We also have a fully functional sensory room for students with identified learning and sensory needs.

IB PYP School

St John’s is an IB (International Baccalaureate) school where a PYP (Primary Years Programme) is thoroughly implemented. As a Christian school, our philosophy is about developing the whole child and as such our Christ–centred approach, underpinned by ou r school values, inclusive of a broad curriculum has resulted in us being authorised as an IB school.