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A School That Feels Like Family

Wellbeing and nurturing the whole child is at the heart of all we do.  Guided by our Christian values, we empower our students to embrace a growth mindset, practice gratitude, show compassion, articulate emotions, develop positive relationships and advocate for their personal needs. This can be seen in the classrooms, in the playground and in our community.

Peer support

Peer support is an important part of our approach to fostering positive relationships throughout the school. It is a student-led initiative whereby our senior students purposefully design interest-based learning engagements for multi-year level groups. It is a wonderful opportunity for our Year 6 Leaders to further develop their leadership skills and nurture new friendships throughout the community.

Lunch activities

Throughout the year, as needed, our Care Coordinator offers various lunchtime activities to help connect, foster new friendships and a sense of belonging. Here students have the opportunity to play games, do some art/craft, gardening and read a book together with students who share common interests.

Buddy bench

Our Student Representative Council introduced the Buddy Bench concept at St John’s a few years ago. Nestled under the trees near our Nature Play area, it also provides a safe refuge for students to have some time out and discuss any issues with a friend.


At St John’s, we value a holistic approach to learning and create opportunities for students to practice gratitude and mindfulness throughout the day. Whether it be journaling, meditation, prayer or grounding practices, articulating and describing big emotions enable our learners to develop a positive self-image, inner confidence and growing self-management skills.


What our parents say

My child loves being involved in the school’s Peer Support Programme

‘There is a strong sense of community

‘There is greater acceptance of others even though they may be different

Students are able to learn responsibility for themselves and others by having the opportunity for more freedom with outdoor play

St John’s are good at looking at the student’s individual needs and requirements and quickly picking up on any issues


I really love our school. The lovely friendly inclusive family community, the child centred learning and our more than fabulous teachers (incl. the principal in that too 👌). 

But most importantly I love that the children that our school nurtures and produces are so kind, appreciative and friendly. I must say coordinating special menu again today and seeing all those lovely smiling faces tucking into their Lasagne and enjoying it, was such a lovely sight to see, as well as all their lovely comments. They are a truly beautiful bunch of children. So thanks St John’s staff for being a big part in creating this environment for our children to grow and learn in. You all do a top job.

Creating Connections

To further support our endeavour to provide an engaging environment for the ‘whole child’ to grow and blossom, we have a school Care Coordinator that is actively involved in all aspects of the school community. The network of Class Carers coordinated by our school Care Coordinator helps to build strong networks with our parents, students and staff. Parenting information along with social skill development and support in the area or grief and loss are other elements of our Pastoral Care program.

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