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From Foundation through to Year 6, students at St John’s Lutheran School, Eudunda are inspired to develop a lifelong passion for learning; a commitment to being empathetic and caring individuals, and the courage to realize their hopes and dreams.

The internationally recognised Primary Years Program provides the foundation for preparing our students to think creatively, communicate effectively, and be enthusiastic learners.

Students are engaged in hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Driven by their own curiosity and interests, children actively investigate their world, discover new ideas, make connections across the curriculum and develop their own theories, learning to think critically and creatively. Inquiry-based activities engage students in authentic real world learning and connect them with their environment and community.

Our dynamic learning community is committed to meeting the needs of all students in a warm and caring atmosphere. St John’s is one of only a few officially accredited dyslexia aware schools.



The well-equipped Library and Resource Centre provide the reference books, computer software, maps, charts, films, pictures and programs to support the classroom teacher in the teaching – learning process.

The Information Technology Studio provides staff and students with access to “cutting edge” educational computer hardware and software resources.

The direct teaching of “Christian Studies” is a daily exercise as are periods of worship, whether within the classroom or together as a whole school. This is an integral part of our Christian Education program which is integrated through the activities of our school.

St John’s has a comprehensive Special Education Programme with early intervention to assist children with learning difficulties a priority. A number of intervention programmes, small group and in-class support is provided by the school and support staff.

Students with high intellectual potential are given the opportunity to extend their level of thinking through the development of tasks and activities which challenge them both within and outside of the classroom teaching program.

Beyond the Books

St John’s Lutheran School is an accredited IB (International Baccalaureate Organisation World School) for the Primary Years Programme.  Students engage in many activities which add an extra dimension to a dynamic and inspiring curriculum. Such activities include field trips, school camps, exhibitions, music and dramatic productions, non-competitive and competitive inter-school sport.

The school is also an accredited Dyslexia Aware School.  Our teachers care about each child and create learning experiences and resources that help not only dyslexic students, but all studens in their care.

The school’s music programme includes an active Year 4 – 7 Choir that participates in local events. We also provide opportunities for instrumental music and voice lessons.  We offer German as an additional language to all students, and we also have a dedicated Arts teacher at St John’s.

* Only Schools authorised by the IB organisation can offer any of its three academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), or the Diploma Programme.

For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit http://www.ibo.org

Creating Connections

To further support our endeavour to provide an engaging environment for the ‘whole child’ to grow and blossom, we have a school Care Coordinator that is actively involved in all aspects of the school community. The network of Class Carers coordinated by our school Care Coordinator helps to build strong networks with our parents, students and staff. Parenting information along with social skill development and support in the area or grief and loss are other elements of our Pastoral Care program.

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