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From the Principal

It is my pleasure to welcome you to St John’s Lutheran School, Eudunda. Our school has been operating for over a hundred years and as we continue to write our history today, we aim to continue inspiring all students on this long history of our educational journey.

St John’s Lutheran School seeks to educate young people whose creativity and independence of thought sustain their continuing inquiry and reflection, whose interest in others and the world around them surpasses their self-concern, and whose passion for learning impels them beyond what they already know.

At St John’s we believe in the need for academically curious young people to belong to a kind, creative, diverse, and joyful community. We challenge our students to engage deeply in learning, appreciate one another, and grow into adults who are intellectually adventurous, ethically sure-footed, and generous of heart and spirit.

We encourage you to become part of our educational community and partner with us on our journey of excellence.

Educationally Yours,

Michael Bowmer
St John’s Lutheran School, Eudunda



We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Connect

We believe that we are more than just attractive classrooms and well-resourced facilities (which we are) but also that we are creating connections.

At St John’s Lutheran School we aim to encourage and support students to become the leaders of tomorrow, developing their God-given talents so that they may shape and enrich their world to make tomorrow a better place to be.

At St John’s, we see each member of our school community as someone unique, valuable, created and loved by God.
This understanding of the uniqueness of each child, motivates us to strive for the best, to care for each child, to develop the whole person physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically.

Our Vision

Teaching the LEADERs of tomorrow

For most families, choosing the right school for their child is one of the biggest decisions they can make. At St John’s Lutheran School, Eudunda we believe that a great school is not just one that looks good, but one that meets the needs of its students, enriching and leading each one to reach their fullest potential.

Foundation and Year 1 at St John’s are the building blocks on which lifelong education is based. We have experienced, caring teachers who will get to know every child in their class. Teachers will quickly learn their likes, their personality and most importantly where they’re at academically and socially. They will plan a program that will be interesting and develop not just their knowledge but also their social skills. If teachers notice that your child needs extra support, the school is able to provide this.

Our school is an authorised International Baccalaureate school and implements the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program. This means we are regularly evaluated and then authorised as meeting the high standards of an IB School.

In addition, we are one of only a handful of accredited Dyslexia Aware schools, and offer specialised instruction to students through our student support plans.

Years 2 and 3 build on the great work done in our Foundation and Year 1 class. This is still the time when children are full of wonder and ask some really insightful questions.

In Years 2 and 3, students are consolidating the basics of what they have learnt in Foundation and Year 1 – what is number, how to read and write, what sounds the alphabet or combinations of letters in the alphabet make, why friends are important and how to deal with conflict. They are beginning to develop a greater understanding of how our world works, how to be great investigators and communicators, what it means to be principled and caring. They are developing the knowledge, skills and understandings needed to progress further in their understanding of the world and achieve success as learners. Most importantly, they are learning to be principled, courageous, reflective and open minded individuals that are ready to take a risk when learning.

In Years 4 and 5, our students are becoming more and more independent, but they still have a love of learning that we will continue to foster and hope that they will carry with them throughout their lives.  They have progressed from learning the basics to being able to build upon this knowledge, apply it in new situations, identify problems and provide creative solutions.  Our inquiry based, trans-disciplinary curriculum means students are beginning to make connections between new and previously learnt ideas. 

Albert Einstein famously said:   “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”

Here at St John’s our students are being challenged to not just know, but to understand.  They are learning how to separate fact from fiction – fake news from real news.  Whether what they see on the media as real or just one person’s perspective.

What they learn in these years will set them up for success in the final years of Primary school.

The final years of Primary School at St John’s are seen as essential for preparing our students for life in Secondary school.  We believe that these years are crucial for developing each student as best as we can so they are ready to move on and stand tall.

Our reputation as a school that provides excellence in education, meeting each child where they are and developing them to reach their potential is recognised across the region.  Students graduating from St John’s are known for their integrity, academic ability and readiness to serve others.

All students graduating from St John’s Lutheran School Eudunda are entitled to automatic entry at Faith Lutheran College as well as Eudunda Area School.

A Word

From Our Council

St John’s Lutheran School is part of the Australian Lutheran School system. We provide a supportive Christian community for your children with quality education and encourage our students to maximise their potential in all facets of their lives.

At St John’s we are one body – the staff, the students, the parents and the parish. We form a team which together works to provide the best possible education for the students in our care. We strive to create a warm, caring family atmosphere where Christian love and forgiveness are an integral part of our daily lives. Our staff commit to maintain strong communication links with parents, focussing on providing a supportive partnership team to ultimately benefit each child. This team bond exists at an administration level too, where parent requests and concerns are always carefully considered in the decision making process.

I firmly believe that St John's is a school community where our children can grow and develop knowing we are grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and surrounded by His love. St John’s Lutheran School offers F - 6 Lutheran Education

- Regina Scholz, School Council




What Parents are Saying

My child loves being involved in the school’s Peer Support Programme’

‘Students are able to learn responsibility for themselves and others by having the opportunity for more freedom with outdoor play’

‘There is a strong sense of community’

‘I really love our school. The lovely friendly inclusive family community, the child centred learning and our more than fabulous teachers (incl. the principal in that too 👌). 

But most importantly I love that the children that our school nurtures and produces are so kind, appreciative and friendly. I must say coordinating special menu again today and seeing all those lovely smiling faces tucking into their Lasagne and enjoying it, was such a lovely sight to see, as well as all their lovely comments. They are a truly beautiful bunch of children. So thanks St John’s staff for being a big part in creating this environment for our children to grow and learn in. You all do a top job.’

‘There is greater acceptance of others even though they may be different’

‘St John’s are good at looking at the student’s individual needs and requirements and quickly picking up on any issues’