School Fees
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St John’s Fees Schedule

See our school fees for 2020^

 1st Child  2nd Child  3rd Child  4th Child
Base School Fees $2390 $2190 $1990 $1790
Composite Fee* $160 $160 $160 $160
Capital Levy** (per family) $150
Student’s Fees *** $160 $160 $160 $160
$2860 $2510 $2310 $2110
less school card discount $600 $600 $600 $600
$2260 $1910 $1710 $1510

 *School Card discount available to qualifying 2020 School Card applicants.

^Subject to change

Composite Fee *

Charged per student to cover costs in the following areas: Sports, art and craft, photocopying, library and minor excursions.


Capital Levy

** An annual fee charged to each family. The annual tuition fee covers the day to day costs such as salaries and teaching resources. In order to build for our future, the school needs to seek other sources of financial support such as the Capital Levy. All payments to the Capital Levy go towards the annual building maintenance programme, repayment of loans and the development of new learning spaces. This cannot be claimed as a tax deduction as it is a levy and not a donation.

Students’ Fees

*** Swimming pool/lessons levy per student $60.00 IT levy per student $100.00