Year 2 / Year 3
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Year 2 / Year 3


Years 2 and 3 build on the great work done in our Foundation and Year 1 class. This is still the time when children are full of wonder and ask some really insightful questions.

In Years 2 and 3, students are consolidating the basics of what they have learnt in Foundation and Year 1 – what is number, how to read and write, what sounds the alphabet or combinations of letters in the alphabet make, why friends are important and how to deal with conflict.  They are beginning to develop a greater understanding of how our world works, how to be great investigators and communicators, what it means to be principled and caring.   They are developing the knowledge, skills and understandings needed to progress further in their understanding of the world and achieve success as learners.  Most importantly, they are learning to be principled, courageous, reflective and open minded individuals that are ready to take a risk when learning.

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