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* The Playberry Program

The Playberry Dyslexia Solutions Multisensory Literacy Program is a tier 3, intensive intervention for students with severe reading and spelling difficulties. Developed by Alison Playford and Bill Hansberry, Playberry is designed to be the most powerful intervention program in a school’s (or specialist literacy intervention teacher’s) arsenal and has been developed to be used with students who have not made adequate progress in from quality classroom instruction and also have not responded adequately to an evidence-based group withdrawal (tier 2) intervention.

All  Children are Unique

At St John’s Lutheran School, we know that every child is unique and that each one has their own areas of strength, as well as individual areas of need.  We try to meet each student’s needs using an approach that suits their own unique learning style.

This will include a variety of strategies including a differentiated learning curriculum, flexible seating arrangements, specialist programs such as our * Playberry Program, learning support officers working one to one or in small groups in class, visiting para-professionals including Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists and school wide programs that build upon prior learning and understanding and finally we recognise and celebrate each student’s personal achievements.

Dyslexia Aware School 

St John’s is one of only a handful of officially recognised and accredited Dyslexia Aware Schools. The support we put in place for our dyslexic students is best practice and will work equally well for all students.

The purpose of the Dyslexia Aware School Quality Mark (DASQM) is to recognise the wonderful work being done in schools in relation to supporting students with Dyslexic Type Learning Needs (DTLN). This process challenges schools to examine the impact of their polices, processes and implementation practices in terms of supporting students with DTLN. It also celebrates the successful outcomes that these processes are providing to students.

Former Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne said in 2014, at the Dyslexia Round-table forum: “I don’t want Dyslexia Aware Schools to just be boutique schools, I want every school across Australia to be a Dyslexia Aware School.”