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All  Children are Unique

At St John’s Lutheran School, we know that every child is unique and that each one has their own areas of strength, as well as individual areas of need.  We try to meet each student’s needs using an approach that suits their own unique learning style.

This will include a variety of strategies including a differentiated learning curriculum, flexible seating arrangements, specialist programs such as our * Playberry Program, learning support officers working one to one or in small groups in class, visiting para-professionals including Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists and school-wide programs that build upon prior learning and understanding and finally we recognise and celebrate each student’s personal achievements.

Creating Connections

To further support our endeavour to provide an engaging environment for the ‘whole child’ to grow and blossom, we have a school Care Coordinator that is actively involved in all aspects of the school community. The network of Class Carers coordinated by our school Care Coordinator helps to build strong networks with our parents, students and staff. Parenting information along with social skill development and support in the area or grief and loss are other elements of our Pastoral Care program.

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